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Ion Muj, Nicole Goesseringer Muj and father Siegfried (Photo private)Nicole Goesseringer Muj is  the founder of Kultura PR International, a public relations company that specializes in international entertainment, lifestyle and cultural clients. She is also involved in booking A-list Western music artists and celebrities in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Previously, she served as Associate Director, Worldwide Publicity, E! and held senior level positions at LA-based mPRm Public Relations and Comspan Communications.  

Nicole Muj at Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood (Photo private)
Nicole Muj at Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood (Photo private)

Nicole Goesseringer Muj is in first generation Canadian, was born in Toronto and grew up on the shores of beautiful Lake Simcoe, Ontario. Her mother was from Germany and her father from Austria. 

Dear Nicole, you are very versatile. But I really wondered that you studied Slavic at the University of Ottawa, with a major in Russian. 
To be honest, I began my studies at the University of Ottawa, and was told that I had to pick a major. I really had no idea what I wanted to do, but I know I enjoyed the Russian literature course I was taking, and I LOVED the author Turgenev (First Love is my favorite of his works). I decided to pursue a degree in Slavic Studies, where I studied Russian language and literature, as well as a little Polish.  My minor was in German literature. All of my professors were wonderful and I am so happy to have taken this path.

It really ended up being a good decision — by combining my degree in Slavic studies with a master’s degree in communications, I was able to carve out a great niche career path for myself.

Nicole Muj and Ion Muj (Photo private)
Nicole Muj and Ion Muj (Photo private)

Did you ever live in Russia?
I lived and studied in Russia for a little over a year in the early 1990s. I lived for about nine months in Moscow and three in the most magical city of St. Petersburg. Many of the friends I made during that time are still my friends today.

You have Austrian roots. Do you often come to Austria?
My father was born in Kärnten and his family actually came from a small village named after his family – Gössering, located in Millstatt.  Most of my dad’s family still live in the area.  I have been to Austria four or five times in my life, and hope to go again one day soon.  My father, who sadly passed away in December 2016, truly loved his homeland.

What do you like most in Austria?
I love the traditional food, such as Kaiserschmarrn, Knodel, Palatschinken, Wiener Schnitzel (of course) and my dad’s favorite, Sachertorte.  Also, I am obsessed with the artist Gustav Klimt and remember vividly visiting Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna with my father when I was 18 years old.

Nicole Muj with her husband Ion on 11th Anniversary (Photo private)
Nicole Muj with her husband Ion on 11th Anniversary (Photo private)

You live now in Los Angeles – do you love LA or is it important for your job to live there?
I was born in Ontario, Canada in a rural area, one hour by car north of Toronto. I moved to Los Angeles in my early twenties.  I do love some parts of LA for business and personal reasons — the glamour of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, etc…. and the weather, of course. Also, there are so many wonderful places in California that I love to visit – Palm Desert, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, La Jolla, Big Bear. One can drive only a few hours and have an entire different experience. I live in Marina del Rey, which is one of the most beautiful areas of Los Angeles.

You are the founder of KULTURA PR (2006), a boutique public relations agency that specializes in international entertainment and cultural clients, you worked for communication companies, book international music acts, work in thejournalism realm … You do so many things, what do you most like to do?
I am passionate about my work, especially when I am excited about my PR clients or the music acts I book. I have been very fortunate to have great entertainment and lifestyle  accounts, such as longtime clients E! Founder Larry Namer, head of Metan Global Entertainment Group, and foreign film network Eurocinema World, and more recent ones, such as Bodvar House of Rosés, Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen, and author/actress/model Hana Noka. In my music bookings, I have booked so many amazing acts, including Lady Gaga (her first concert in Russia), many performances by such top acts as Lara Fabian, Mario Frangoulis and Chris Botti, and some of the last concerts by THE VOICE – the legendary, late Whitney Houston. She posessed such a phenomenal presence that I have never experienced before or probably will ever again.

Nicole Muj, Maria Darkina and Gotham Chandna at Cannes Film Festival Event (Photo private)
Nicole Muj, Maria Darkina and Gotham Chandna at Cannes Film Festival Event (Photo private)

You have to organize a lot in your jobs. Are you an organizational talent?
I am very structured and organized in my mind, and I suppose, have a talent for multi-tasking, but I would not say exactly that I am organized. You should see my desk. (she laughs)

Are you someone who always wants to do something new?
I have always been able to realize my dreams, meaning, I knew from early on what I wanted to accomplish and pursue in my career. I am also very good at implementing my vision and making it a reality. I think when I took the leap to start my own company and leave my job as head of international PR at E!/Comcast Networks, that was probably the most frightening career move, but also the most exciting. It has turned out well so far, after over a decade. 

Nicole Muj und Claudia Graf at Saban Theatre (Foto Nelson Photo Images)
Nicole Muj und Claudia Graf at Saban Theatre (Foto Nelson Photo Images)

You met a lot of interesting and famous people. Are there any who have especially impressed you?
As I mentioned earlier, the late Whitney Houston. I booked some of her last concerts she ever performed, and truly when I met her at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow, it was clear, a true STAR had entered the room. I never had experienced that before.

What do you prefer to do privately?
I love to watch foreign films and old movies, and I do love fashion.  My mother was a talented seamstress, and I inherited her love of couture fashion and style.  She tried many times to teach me to sew, but I wasn’t talented at all. I still wear some of the pieces she made for me. You could show her a photo, and the next day, it would be made. I love to discover new restaurants and of course, travel. Also, I am open to try any and every new beauty innovation.

Nicole Muj at Eight Korean BBQ in Los Angeles (Photo private)
Nicole Muj at Eight Korean BBQ in Los Angeles (Photo private)

How can you best recover?
I love to travel, but really, just to relax… meaning dining in nice restaurants, lounging by the pool or sea, visiting the spa, etc.  I am not so much into sightseeing.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Driven, Empathetic and a little Reserved.

You are married with your husband Ion. He is your soulmate ? Where did you meet him and what do you love most about him?
Yes, I believe Ion is my soulmate. We have been married for 11 years — 12 years in August 2019. We met (in a very Hollywood style) at the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel.
He is from Maramures, Romania (Transylvania), and shares alot of the same background growing up as my father did in Austria, being raised in a rural community, etc.  He’s extremely intelligent, a nice, good-hearted person, very handsome and a true gentleman. We often joke about the fact that when he was younger, he was described as the Romanian Alain Delon.

Nicole Muj with Pooja Batra and Paiy Hansra at Marie Westwood Magazine Launch Party at The Royals in Beverly Hills (Photo Clinton H. Wallace)
Nicole Muj with Pooja Batra and Paiy Hansra at Marie Westwood Magazine Launch Party at The Royals in Beverly Hills (Photo Clinton H. Wallace)

News 2019, what are your plans: A new project – with your partner Gotham Chandna, head of Cloud 21 International – a new international film festival. Is that right?  
Yes, Gotham Chandna is my amazing business partner. We have worked together for about five years at Cannes Film Festival on various projects and on many other events, including Miss India America in LA, as well as events during Sundance, American Film Market, National Rosé Day, and others. We are so excited to be launching the inaugural French Riviera Film Festival for short film content during this year’s Cannes Film Festival. It has been Gotham’s longtime dream. It will be a two day event on May 18 and 19 at the Eden Hotel on rue d’Antibes, with a gala awards ceremony planned after the screenings. We have amazing partners and judges already in place, and an online shop at I hope you can join us!

Big picture: Nicole Muj, Los Angeles (Photo private)


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