„Tomorrow and The Butterfly“ by Alessandro Soetje

Film "Tomorrow And The butterfly" - Bollati Family.„Tomorrow And The Butterfly“ – Stories about sustainability, beauty and diversity of the world.  „Tomorrow And The Butterfly“ is the latest film  by award-winning Italian director Alessandro Soetje. The film is a full-length documentary shot in six episodes, telling stories about sustainability, beauty and diversity around the world, with Davines Group Chairman Davide Bollati and his vision as the centrepiece of the work.

The Davines Group is a global luxury beauty company based in Parma, Italy, and Davide Bollati, with his versatile personality, has a unique and diverse vision of beauty. He asks the question, „How can you have beauty without sustainability?  They go well together because you cannot have one without the other.“

Premiere of "Tomorrow And The Butterfly" in Los Angeles.
Premiere of „Tomorrow And The Butterfly“ in Los Angeles.

The film deals with some of the most important topics and issues of our time – sustainability, human trafficking and women’s empowerment.  „Tomorrow And The Butterfly“ takes viewers on a journey from Parma through Tuscany to Cambodia to Portland, Oregon. The common denominator in the episodes is the true stories and the independent but collective belief that something really beautiful and good is possible.

Film "Tomorrow And The Butterfly" - the power of beauty.
Film „Tomorrow And The Butterfly“ – the power of beauty.

“Tomorrow And The Butterfly“ was first unveiled in May in Reykjavik, Iceland, where the Davines Group held its annual conference, the World Wide Hair Tour 2019. The screening was a major success and received many accolades.  

The filmmaker hopes that the film will show that the relationship between beauty and sustainability is profound and can improve the lives of the citizens of the world.

“Tomorrow And The Butterfly“ has premiered in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Berlin, and several cities in Italy, and is currently on the festival circuit.  More screenings are planned for the new year.

Film "Tomorrow And The Butterfly" (Photo Roberto Morelli)
Film „Tomorrow And The Butterfly“ (Photo Roberto Morelli)

The film has also received three nominations at the 2019 Cinefashion Film Awards by Cinémoi  TV to be held on December 9 in Beverly Hills.

Great photo: „Tomorrow And The Butterfly“ – Jorge Blanco, Kat Kramer, Caroline Russo at LA Premiere. (Photo Tshombe Sampson)

Trailer: „Tomorrow and the Butterfly“  

Writer, director and producer Alessandro Soetje 
Born in Bologna in 1970,  Alessandro Soetje is an award-winning director and cinematographer based in Milan. In 1998, his documentary Bambini d’Africa was awarded the Giglio d’Argento at the Valdarno Film Festival, the FEDIC prize at the Montecatini Film Festival and an award at the African Film Festival. With the campaign Aware Migrants, for which he conducted 50 interviews with migrants and four short documentaries, he won the 30th International Grand Prix Advertising Strategies. 

Co-writer Jorge Blanco has served as Creative Director North America for Davines, a global luxury beauty company based in Parma, Italy, since 2003. His entrepreneurial spirit and background experience ranges from magazine journalism to creative direction to merchandising and space design. He also served as brand copywriter for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, and is the co-founder of Planet Magazine. Blanco holds a master’s degree in Latin American literature from Columbia University and a bachelor of arts in comparative literature from Indiana University, Bloomington.


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